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Garp became acquainted with Neptune’s family, notably Neptune and Shirahoshi due to being Luffy’s grandfather. Over his many years as a Marine hero, Garp has made many enemies with pirates over the sea, such as Shiki and Shakky.[40] He felt neither remorse nor pity for any of these pirates, as they are criminals. While Garp perceives it as a rather garp vs sengoku peaceful place, Dragon expresses his disgust with Garp’s view of “peace” as nothing more than a form of oppression authorized by the law in places, such as Tequila Wolf and the Goa Kingdom, where common people live in horrible conditions. Garp and Kong are well acquainted with each other, due to the latter being the former Fleet Admiral years ago.

  1. Upon seeing Koby awaken his potential by destroying Pizzaro’s giant Island hand, Garp wholeheartedly laughed, content to witness his beloved pupil’s growth.
  2. Honoring Roger’s last request, Garp took Ace to Dawn Island to be raised by Dadan.
  3. In addition, in his conversation with Kong, he stated that justice is a matter of personal values and does not endorse one form of justice over the other, mirroring Smoker’s talk with Tashigi in Arabasta.
  4. During the Battle of Marineford, he managed to hit and damage Marco, despite the latter being in his regenerative Phoenix Form.
  5. After Crocodile had been defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and stripped of his rank as a Warlord of the Sea, Sengoku was called in to discuss Crocodile’s replacement in Mary Geoise, along with the various Marine officers attending there and whoever among the Seven Warlords of the Sea decided to show up.
  6. During the Summit War of Marineford, he struck down and injured a Mythical Zoan user like Marco with a single blow and, in the anime, Garp took down Jesus Burgess, a master fighter with titanic physical strength effortlessly.

As the “Hero of the Marines”, Garp is overall very well-respected for cornering the Pirate King multiple times. While Garp seems devoted to his duties, he has his own sense of justice and does not always obey orders which are given to him. Both Garp’s immense popularity and achievements are noted by Sengoku to be the reason Garp was never disposed of for his rebellious attitude. He was requested to remain behind as an instructor due to his fame, which will be invaluable in recruiting, Garp has problems with respecting his superiors and such is the case with then-Fleet Admiral Kong 27 years ago, and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

To Sengoku’s great displeasure, he received information that Luffy had broken into Impel Down and, putting the dots together, Sengoku correctly deduced that Luffy’s invasion within the great prison itself was to rescue Portgas D. Ace from execution in the critical time when they were supposed to be preparing for war against Whitebeard. Garp, however, found it amusing that his grandson would go to such lengths simply to rescue Ace. Sengoku angrily told Garp that no one had attempted anything so atrocious in the history of Impel Down, since twenty-two years prior to current events, and was annoyed that the one who would do it was Garp’s grandson. As with Vice Admiral Smoker and Admiral Kizaru, Sengoku believes that the Seven Warlords of the Sea are no more than pirates, and therefore, trusts them very little, made clear when he called them “scum of the sea”. When these World Government allies refuse to live up to their duties, such as Boa Hancock, Jinbe, and Marshall D. Teach did, Sengoku shows his resentment. Surprisingly, despite being informed about the exposure of Donquixote Doflamingo’s criminal enterprises on Dressrosa, he does not seem enraged and casually discusses the fiasco (although this was when Sengoku is semi-retired and was no longer as responsible).

Are Current Garp and Sengoku stronger than admirals?

He is probably skilled with some of them, but details have not been revealed. From what we could deduce by simply analyzing their powers in this category, Sengoku’s Haki abilities are a bit above Garp’s and this is a category that actually makes a difference. This is a very complex category to evaluate, since it’s not fully clear who the stronger was at their respective peaks, if anyone. Currently holding his position as Inspector General, Sengoku’s mission is to find new recruits and train them. He is also a military commander of the first order, as demonstrated at Marineford.

The 20 Strongest Swords in One Piece (Ranked)

Luffy’s crew panicked over what to do until they found the pair have fallen asleep. Garp, being the first of the two to wake up, punched Luffy awake for falling asleep on him, while the others pointed out Garp did the same. Luffy told the others not to fight with his grandfather, as Garp had nearly killed him on many occasions in his childhood. Garp snapped at Luffy for making him sound like a bad guy for what he did in the past and claimed those incidents were aimed at turning Luffy into a strong man.

Anime Notes

Despite the fact that Ace was a troubled child that would beat up anyone who insulted his father, Garp seemed amused with Ace, yet never scolded him for his actions as a part of him felt sad that the child did not fully accept Roger as his father. After Luffy, Sabo and Ace had gotten along well, Garp would sometimes visit them and train them by beating them up and destroying most of the forest in the process. Dragon is Garp’s son.[14] No direct interactions between the two have been shown.

Garp’s right hand man is a Marine of unknown rank, who is usually seen with him. In the anime, his name is Bogard, although his name has not been revealed in the manga as of yet. The dog mask that Garp initially wore when introduced served to hide his identity as Luffy’s grandfather, whose design had appeared in Romance Dawn, Version 2. After their relationship was revealed in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Garp is no longer seen wearing the mask.

In his meeting with Kong, Sengoku acknowledged Whitebeard to be the greatest of all legendary pirates. In the anime, a young Luffy blurted out that the trio shared a promise over a shared drink. Garp overheard them boasting of their dreams to become pirates, leaving him infuriated. Garp then chases them out into the night, breaking down trees and rocks and beating them all to a pulp. Afterwards, he casually leaves them, saying that he will not be so merciful next time. In the manga version, Garp was shown saying hello first before “training” them.

He is mainly responsible for all the Marine maneuvers deployed throughout the Whitebeard War at Marineford, such as forwarding a plan to all Marines that Portgas D. Ace was to be executed ahead of the official schedule with the intention that the opposing pirate forces would intercept the message and lose their composure. With Akainu’s persuasion, Sengoku’s plan managed to drive one of those captains to attempt assassinating Whitebeard himself, and while the blow was not https://1investing.in/ fatal, it did further debilitate Whitebeard’s already hazardous condition. As Curly Dadan is the leader of a bandit group, Garp blackmailed her to watch over Ace and Luffy as their foster mother, in exchange that he will turn a blind eye on their criminal activities, which is said to equal the numbers of stars in the sky. Despite Dadan having a fear and irritation against the vice admiral for leaving two children in her care, Garp claims that Dadan is a friend of his.

In his prime, Admiral Sengoku was a bit stronger than Garp and that is why we have him win this match-up. This is a category where we cannot award any points at all because neither of these two characters has used weapons during their fights, so we cannot really evaluate their abilities. Until now, Garp has been seen throwing cannonballs (including a gigantic one). Sengoku has not been seen using a weapon and we don’t really have any information for you here.

Also, how long Sengoku knew about Luffy and Dragon’s familial relationship to Garp is unknown, but Sengoku had no problem revealing all of it worldwide. So i think Garp and sengoku are at least admiral level due to old age and were yonko level during their prime and Garp was and is the stronger of the two. He is able to coat his fist with haki, allowing him to counter and even crush Chinjao’s haki-enhanced drill-like head thirty years ago, showing superior dominance against an already powerful Armament Haki user. During the Battle of Marineford, he managed to hit and damage Marco, despite the latter being in his regenerative Phoenix Form. In fact, they are so powerful, that one punch of his was able to hurt Luffy and make him feel pain and in the War, he managed to hurt Marco in his Phoenix form with a single punch, this is because he is an expert user of haki.

Anime Differences

Also, his alias “Garp the Fist” is due to this quality and he calls it “Fist of Love”. After Crocodile had been defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and stripped of his rank as a Warlord of the Sea, Sengoku was called in to discuss Crocodile’s replacement in Mary Geoise, along with the various Marine officers attending there and whoever among the Seven Warlords of the Sea decided to show up. He showed up late and caught Doflamingo messing around with some of the Marine officials attending the meeting. With that settled, he apologized for being late, greeted everyone, and started the meeting.

Garp reminded Luffy that he wanted him to be a strong Marine, which Luffy countered by claiming he had always told him he wanted to be a pirate. Garp responded by saying that Luffy was negatively influenced by Shanks, to which Luffy took offense because Shanks saved his life. Garp suddenly grabbed Luffy, asking if he was trying to tell his grandpa what to do.